Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mão de Ferro - Knock Out

From Curitiba, this band brought a new spirit to Oi! in Brazil. At the end of 2005 these well-known men in the underground scene from Curitiba got together and decided to make a sound that they could be pride of, that could talk about their usual life and their city. That's when Mão-De-Ferro was created, with the purpose of a sound that could reflect their origins. In 2006 they recorded some songs and people started to know them by internet. Those songs were "Curitiba" and "Futebol Na TV" that made clear their position and sound: Oi! mixed with Curitiba's traditional music (that's why they use accordion).
More songs were being recorded until when they signed with a german record label and recorded their first and only record.
The lyrics talk about their usual life, their ideas and the loyalty and love to Curitiba.
This record was a limited edition in Brazil and it is just possible to buy it at Randale Records' website.

01-Knock out
02-Futebol na tv
03-Sem terra e sem vergonha
05-Viver lutando
07-Rota 77

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