Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Down To Nothing - Unbreakable (2008)

Down to Nothing (or DTN) is a straight edge hardcore punk band based out of Richmond, Virginia. Since their inception in 2000, DTN have toured all over the United States, Europe, and Australia. Their most recent studio recording is a CD/vinyl release titled "The Most" on Revelation Records which was released on July 15th, 2007. DTN's first two albums, "Save It for the Birds" and "Splitting Headache" are currently out of print, but are set to be re-released in February on one CD/LP, titled "Unbreakable."

Members of Down To Nothing have also been involved in other Richmond, VA-based acts such as the hardcore punk bands Murder Weapon of which David Wood provided backing vocals, Bracewar, Iron Boots, Dead Serious, the pop punk band Game On, which featured members of Down To Nothing, Murder Weapon and the Virginia metalcore band Scarlet (on Ferret Records).

01. Save It For The Birds
02. One Eighty
03. The Normal People
04. Outcome
05. Choke Louder
06. 3 Or 4 Years
07. Pet Peeve
08. Who Are You To Say
09. Honorable Mention Mr. Starky
10. What Goes Around Comes Around
11. Fire Escape
12. Go Ahead Wit Yo Fake Ass
13. Us V. Each Other
14. I Can't Believe My Eyes
15. Smash It
16. Burn III
17. Unbreakable
18. Home Sweet Home
19. We're On The Run
20. Risk It
21. Skate & Annoy, Vol. 2 (SK8 Or Die)
22. Im So Lucky


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