Monday, December 29, 2008

The Pink Panda - Pxx&Axx (2006)

The Pink Panda is a four member pop/rock band who have been releasing since 2004. They always released on indies labels until recently when they where picked up by a major label. However the group decided it would be best to leave the name of "Pink Panda" to start anew but no news yet what their new name will be or when they will have their major debut. Their music is infectious blend of pop and rock and while the vocalists voice is higher then some she's got good tone and strength and it fits will with the music. I would suggest nabbing anything really. It's all good.

01 Punk & Alternative
02 Fly Up!
03 Ai o Choudai!
04 Kanariya
05 Koi no Mahou
06 WakuWaku7
07 Stormy M
08 Negai Koto, Tada Hitotsu
09 17 Melody
10 My Little Escape
11 Be Smile
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