Friday, December 5, 2008

The Rabble - This Is Our Lives EP

The Rabble are a Punk rock band from Auckland, New Zealand, that formed around 2000. Their official myspace page was released on the 29/9/2004. The Rabble are strong believers in the DIY attitude. They write and record there own music and music videos, with help from family and friends. Their first webisode is out on their myspace now, and more are released every 2 weeks. They collaborated with Mark Unseen of Boston band The Unseen to create the song/video for "This World is Dead." The Rabble are currently writing and recording for there next album after The Battles Almost Over. 6 drum tracks were recorded at York Street studios in Auckland, and the bass and guitars were tracked at Number 8 wire Recording studio, once again by Chazz Rabble.[citation needed] The band say they feel that this next album will once again be a step up from there last, its more mature yet still addictive and fun.There has also been rumours of more guests vocalists to appear on the next album.

1. Old Friends
2. Police & Thieves
3. No Clue, No Future
4. My Way
5. Our Lives
6. Down On Your Luck
7. Coast Song
8. Friday Night (Single Version)

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