Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scuffy Dogs

Scuffy Dogs were a punk band with ska and hardcore touches from Nova Gorica, Slovenia formed in 1994. They were well known for their live shows, political stance and were highly influential for the developing Slovenian hc scene. Various Scuffy Dogs members later played in Pizda Materna, Elvis Jackson, Man in the Shadow and Krik Diznilenda. They released two untitled albums. And now in 2009…they’re back, promissing new gigs in summertime!

Band Members: tomo - vox, guitar; sašo - bum bum, vox; oliver - baz; andraž - kitar, vox; + matjaž - baz, vox; boštjan - sax; nenad - bum bum; vili - bum bum.
These time…who knows :)

Scuffy Dogs - Scuffy Dogs (1997) Download Here
Scuffy Dogs - Untitled (2000) Download Here


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