Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Varukers - Protest & Survive

The Oval, Norwich – 26/10/96

Another Religion Another War
Led To The Slaughter
Nothings Changed
Massacred Milllions
No Hope Of A Future
Don’t Wanna Be A Victim
Lesson We Must Never Forget
The Last War
Deadly Games
Will They Never Learn
Die For Your Government
Stop The Killing
Enter Of A New Phase
All Systems Fail
Tortured By Their Lies
Nowhere To Go
Protest To Survive
Soldier Boy

Bonus material:
Face Of Humanity / Nowhere To Go – Sydney, Australia 1998
Nothing’s Changed / Massacred Millions – New York, USA 2000
Protest And Survive / Endless Destruction Line / Soldier Boy – Milton Keynes, UK
Murder / Who The Fuck – Nottingham, UK 2005



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