Sunday, January 22, 2012

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punk rock is a lifestyle and punk rock is the genre of music that we think could be fought. Longlive Punk Rock.


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Dear folks at punk rock everyday
Thanks for taking time to read this!
We, along with many of our friends are desperately trying to save our local punk rock club before it's lost forever.
Open since 1981 and at its current spot since '87, the Icepick is one of the longest running venues next to Gilman St.and CBGBs. It's had thousands of local and touring bands that have called the Icepick home, or a pitstop at one time or another.
Besides taking care of his terminally ill mother, the owner is getting too old to run the venue and has agreed to sell it to us at a lower price since we intend to keep it open as an underground venue.
The walls are covered with stories of 25 years of LIFE.
We're doing everything we can to raise enough money to secure the building via donations, benefit shows, other fundraising projects, and we have a project launching the day of our first benefit show (which will also be broadcast on the internet)- March 10th.
The Icepick has changed many of our lives forever and for the better. Personally, we feel lost without it. In our part of the state there are literally NO all ages venues without driving an hour or so.
We are trying to gain support for our venue and upcoming project. We have 120 days from 3.10 to come up with $17K- the bare minimum to secure the building.
We'd greatly appreciate any help that punkrockeveryday and its readers can give.

you can check out what were doing at
Thanks Again-
Dirk & Brandon

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